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Articles & Clinical Research

Education. Health. Empowerment.

Training the next generation of medical staff is a big priority for Dr.Gurrapu to extend the medical workforce serving the broader North Texas communities.

It has been a true privilege and a pleasure for us to be working with several medical, nursing colleges and area hospitals. Dr.Gurrapu believes in continuous learning and encourages more research in new technologies and new treatments.

Each year, several college, nursing and high school students work with our staff and take lead in writing technical articles and doing research in specific areas. Some of the research papers are listed below.

  1. Thyroid cancers – early detection and dangers of missing the early detection – Srija Matukumalli, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  2. Consumption of Triglycerides on the Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) – Shvetansh Lakkaraju, Baylor College, Waco, Texas
  3. A Study of Chronic Kidney Disease and its Link With Alcohol Consumption – Aditya Vishnubhotla, UT Austin, Austin, Texas
  4. Combating Obesity: The Ketogenic Diet – Saneeva George, UT Austin, Austin, Texas
  5. Inbody – Look Beyond the pounds and Why? – Amogh Bankapur – Allen High School, Allen, Texas
  6. Non-invasive fat loss – Trusculpt Research Paper- Vagmin Viswanathan, Liberty High School, , Frisco, Texas
  7. The “Sunshine” Vitamin: all you need to know about “Vitamin D” – Ashwin Krishnan, Centennial High School, Frisco, Texas
  8. Skin laser procedures – research on leading techniques – Srija Matukumalli, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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