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Telemedicine – Alternate Option

Thank you everyone for your support in the last few weeks as we transitioned most of our patient visits to Telemedicine. The technology we use, eClinicalWorks healow Telehealth Solutions, is the largest telehealth provider in the country with many years of experience.

So far, the technology is working great to continue to see our patients remotely. For some patients, we are experiencing occasional difficulties with the Healow Televisit. To address this, we have added another Televisit option – Doxy. is pretty simple and the best part is that you don’t need any accounts to create. Some of Just find the link on our main page on and click on “Start a Televisit with Dr.Gurrapu”.

Our preference is always to use eClinicalWorks Telemedicine as this is integrated into our EMR system and has several advantages of accessing your history and visit updates. We will use only as a backup option. 

Thanks again for your support and making use of these new technologies as we deal with the current situation. Stay safe and please look for future practice updates on the webpage or any of our social channels below.

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