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We are introducing Telemedicine (also known as, Telehealth) in our facility. For some cases such as routine office visits or follow-ups, Telemedicine can be useful and more convenient to talk to the doctor. Especially, in the current situation with COVID-19, to minimize the physical interaction, please consider using this option.

If Telemedicine from Healow does not work, we can also use Telemedicine with Doxy by clicking here.

Now offering Televisits

Telemedicine can be used from your smartphone (iPhone or Android based) or a computer. A computer with Chrome is preferred. Here are the three instructions to use this service.

  1. Call our office to schedule the appointment or use your patient portal to do this. Please let them know that you would want to schedule a telehealth appointment.
  2. You will get a confirmation email about your visit. Please follow the instructions to make sure your hardware (smartphone or computer) is working.
  3. Just before the appointment, please log into your patient portal and start a session.
    • You will be asked to optionally enter your vitals. If you have a portable BP machine, you can use that.
    • You will need to click on “start” and the doctor will be notified.
    • As soon as the doctor joins, you can use voice and video to exchange information both ways.

Please let us know your feedback on how you find this useful and any suggestions on further improvements. Thank you.

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